Czech company KASKO Inc. has been operating since 1992. It provides its customers with comprehensive services in the field of development and construction, production of molds and tools, plastic injection, assembly and completion of components, mainly in automotive industry.


MES PHARIS provides comprehensive management of the molding shop and assembly workshop, including data collection from machines, quality management, visualizations and more. Part of the project is a solution of two-way communication with ERP HELIOS. Kasko is a reference workplace of MES PHARIS.

Implementation of MES system faced many challenges, with one of the largest being the connection of all IMMs, regardless of their age, brand and technical capabilities. Besides machines supporting industry standards (Euromap 63), MES PHARIS also receives data from machines that communicate only via the parallel LPT interface. MES PHARIS proved to be very flexible with connecting of machinery. This allowed full-scale digitization of production, including very old machines.
"MES PHARIS provides us with online information about progress and status of the production process in terms of quantity and speed, stability, quality and technological parameters, including their continuous control. It provides notification of deviations from required parameters and immediate information on non-standard process states. System also provides direct instructions to the operators on how to proceed, as well as a number of support processes, including the entire maintenance area or training agenda, and keeping employees informed of any parameter changes and workflow settings, not only to achieve the efficiency and quality of the production process but also on the basis of historical data for its continuous improvement."
Ing. Břetislav Gráf / PROCESS ENGINEER / KASKO Inc. / Detail of Reference


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