Digitization and production management according to the principles of Industry 4.0.
Comprehensive MES/MOM solutionComprehensive MES / MOM solution - modular and dynamic system
Optimization and traceability in MESOptimization and traceability of production processes
Production efficiency and profitabilitySystem for increasing profitability and production efficiency
IATF 16649 standardReflects IATF 161649 automotive standards
Satisfied user from Sellier & Bellot

"By implementing a system that is easily customizable and includes many features from a wide range of areas, we got a great tool, which can find long-term but also currently emerging problems in production halls. Thanks to PHARIS, we are able to evaluate simple things at the machine level, but also complex problems of the whole production process. In practice, it brought us detailed and especially accurate information about every moment in production, which are another means of improvement."

Ing. Lukáš Bleha / Production manager / SELLIER & BELLOT a.s. / Reference detail

MES PHARIS satisfied user

"We established our cooperation with UNIS in 2014 to support the production process of the molding shop with a specialized MES system. This allows us to plan, manage and carry out the production of complicated plastic units in real time. For the newly acquired Rolls-Royce Motor Cars project, UNIS has successfully implemented the functionality of comprehensive management of the production and logistics process in the Just In Sequence mode in our factory.

Based on long-term cooperation and mutual satisfaction, we plan to extend our MES PHARIS instance in the coming years."

Daniel Vrána / IT Manager / ATEK Inc / Reference detail

Satisfied user from KASKO

"MES PHARIS provides us with online information about progress and status of the production process in terms of quantity and speed, stability, quality and technological parameters, including their continuous control. It provides notification of deviations from required parameters and immediate information on non-standard process states. System also provides direct instructions to the operators on how to proceed, as well as a number of support processes, including the entire maintenance area or training agenda, and keeping employees informed of any parameter changes and workflow settings, not only to achieve the efficiency and quality of the production process but also on the basis of historical data for its continuous improvement."

Ing. Břetislav Gráf / PROCESS ENGINEER / KASKO Inc. / Reference detail

Satisfied user from Koh-I-Noor

In our production, we especially appreciate callings of control via their information on the Visualization screens. Setting up maintenance module and system of preventive maintenance of machines linked to accurate monitoring of the use of molds also proved very useful to us. This module is very appreciated by auditors.

Another big plus is availability production documentation on terminals at machines. A lot of papers have disappeared from production and required documentation is easily accessible online for operators (incl. procedures, instructions, defect catalogs...).

Ing. Alena Machová / Molding shop manager / KOH-I-NOOR Ponas s.r.o. / Reference detail


MES PHARIS covers the needs of production from the moment of issuing the production order, through the discharge of production to the release and storage of the final product. It provides continuous monitoring and control of production in real time, data collection from technological equipment (injection molding machines, CNC machines, assembly lines, milling machines, grinders, additional equipment - drying equipment, tempering devices, control stations) and long-term storage of all production data.

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Get the MES PHARIS pilot project deployed

We offer the possibility of implementing a pilot project at a selected workplace to familiarize yourself with the MES system environment, its control and benefits.


The possibility of using the MES PHARIS rental

We offer the possibility of using License Leasing as a help to clients in order not to burden cash-flow. You don't have to deal with inclusion in the investment plan.



The international partner program MES PHARIS is a platform for cooperation between UNIS, a.s. and independent distribution partners who provide their clients with analysis, deployment and integration of MES PHARIS into other business systems. In the long term, our partners provide consultations, services and after-sales care related to the MES PHARIS product.