• The best-selling system in the area of MES system
    in the Czech Republic

  • Capacity planning and

  • Use of RFID identification
    for tool management

  • Collection of parameters
    from equipments

  • Modern way of
    manufacturing process control

  • Production Visualization

  • International Partnership

MES PHARIS® is a modular manufacturing execution system, that is developed with compliance to automotive standards, especially IATF 16 949 (before ISO/TS). From the industry point of view is MES PHARIS deployed in several types of production such as is plastic and rubber production, assembling, metalworking and other industrial areas. These days is MES PHARIS the best selling system in the area of MES sytem in the Czech Republic, plus in last years we reported a significant expansion in foreign markets.

International Engineering Fair Brno 2018

The company UNIS participated in the 60th International Engineering Fair in Brno, which took place from 01st October to 05th October 2018.

The exposition covered all our activities mainly the full range of engineering services related to high-investment equipment (EPC/EPC-M), design and application of process control focus on the petrochemical, oil refining and power generation industries. Production of electronics for aircraft and automotive industry, high-power electronics, manufacturing execution system MES PHARIS®, Test laboratory and IoT.

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MES PHARIS at Industry Days 2018 Budapest

Between May 15th and 18th 2018, MES PHARIS was successfully presented at the Industry Days 2018 in Budapest by our local partner, company S&T Hungary. The system MES PHARIS is already a fixed component of the their company portfolio.

Our friends from company S&T also prepared the demonstration workplace, simulating the behavior of MES PHARIS in the environment of production processes and basic pillars of production, such as cycles, downtimes, production of OK and NOK pieces etc.
Selected references
THK RHYTHM AUTOMOTIVE CZECH a.s. (former TRW-DAS Dačice) – division Linkage & Suspension

THK RHYTHM AUTOMOTIVE CZECH a.s. (former TRW-DAS Dačice) is a subsidiary of THK Co., Ltd. based in Tokyo. Dačice plant is a part of the Automotive division and it is engaged in the production of various types of internal and external ball joints, hollow pins, guide bars and control arms of axles for passenger cars and trucks. It has almost 850 employees working in the Dačice plant and it is one of the most important employers in the region of Jindřichův Hradec.

MES PHARIS along with interconnected SAP fulfills the role of a full - fledged MES system for efficient production control using direct communication with CNC machines.An important role in this project is also the solution of the quality area, which makes the integration of PALSTAT more efficient with the production client MES PHARIS. The investor sees also an important contribution in strong electronic support for visual management and on - line availability of specific THK reports and indicators directly at workplaces.

More info about the project here.
KOH-I-NOOR PONAS s.r.o. Polička, The Czech Republic
– part of KOH-I-NOOR MACHINERY a.s.

The production profile of company KOH-I-NOOR PONAS is divided into two areas. The first is the design and production of injection molding and blow molding molds and the second area is a production of molded unit by using technology of injection molding. The production is focused on molding of technical molded units for the automotive and electrical industry, cosmetics and medical equipment.

MES PHARIS® for complex monitoring and manufacturing process control of molding shop including data collection from the machines and peripheral equipment (dryers and tempering equipment), management of maintenance, tool management, quality management, production visualization, etc. The project includes a two way communication with ERP K2. For more information about this project see the link.
ROBERT BOSCH, spol. s r.o. České Budějovice, The Czech Republic

ROBERT BOSCH is involved in the production and development of the components for cars. The main production program consists the tank pump modules, switchgear fuel/fuel return line, gas pedals, suction modules, etc. The customers are almost all major European, Japanese, Asian and South American automakers.

MES PHARIS® provides at ROBERT BOSCH a complex collection of process parameters from the injection molding machines, tool management, central control program management, production visualization, etc. For more information about this project see the link.
Kasko spol. s r.o. Slavkov, The Czech Republic – reference workplace

KASKO engages in the development and injection of plastic molded units, construction, production of molds and tools. The main interest of the business is supplying of serial parts mainly for automotive and eletrotechnical industry.

MES PHARIS® ensures a complex manufacturing process control of molding shop and assembly workplaces including data collection, management of maintenance, quality management, production visualization, etc. The project includes a two way communication with ERP Helios. KASKO is the reference workplace for presenting MES PHARIS®. For more information about this project see the link.
Continental Automotive Czech Republic s.r.o., Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, The Czech Republic

The plant in Frenštat pod Radhoštěm belongs among the largest plant of the Continental in the Czech Republic, whose production is focused on development and production of components for the automotive.

It is one of the current project of implementing MES PHARIS® whose primary goal is to provide two-way communication with injection molding machines of varied machine park, ensuring the collection of parameters, tool management including production visualization. For more information about this project see the link.
LUKOV Plast, spol. s r. o., Český Dub, The Czech Republic

LUKOV Plast is focused on the development and production of plastic, technical, electrical parts and subassemblies.

The implementation of the PHARIS® had been proceeding in several phases. The primary task of the project was ensuring of the complex manufacturing process control of molding shop and assembly lines. Subsequently, The project was extended of the area of Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling. The project includes a two way communication with ERP SAP. For more information about this project see the link.
ATEK s. r. o., Moravská Třebová, The Czech Republic

The main business of the company ATEK is the production of plastic and rubber products primarily for the automotive industry. ATEK is also engaged in the development and production of injection molds, production of assembly and control products in cooperation with external companies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

MES PHARIS® ensures manufacturing process control of molding shop and assembly, including two-way communication with ERP OR-SYSTEM. The project also includes a complex implementation of the unique part identification and traceability. For more information about this project see the link.