METAPLAST Romania Implements MES PHARIS!

We can proudly announce, that our Romanian partner, company SICMA International, signed a contract for delivery and implementation of MES PHARIS® in the company Metaplast.
The implementation has been already started in the very beginning of this year. Company Metaplast is one of the major automotive suppliers in Romania. More info at

Rubber production controlled by MES PHARIS, implementation of a new project in PROKEŠ & CO.SK, s.r.o., Oravská Jasenica, Slovakia

In January 2019 We successfully completed the implementation of the MES system in the Slovak plant of PROKEŠ & Co.SK, s.r.o., which is engaged in the production of rubber parts almost exclusively for the automotive industry.

MES PHARIS controls the production process from automatic generation of production orders, their planning, scheduling and subsequent comprehensive production control. Part of the project is to ensure traceability of production, paperless production, integration of quality and production logistics, continuous stocking, etc. The system covers all manufacturing operations, starting with the preparation of semi-finished inserts, injection molding, freezing, heating, quality control and others. More about the project here.

Delivery of MES PHARIS to KOVOPLAST, Hluk

UNIS has concluded a project to supply and implement MES PHARIS® to the KOVOPLAST, Hluk, CZ. The company KOVOPLAST produces metal and plastic parts for the automotive, construction, consumer, medical, electrotechnical and engineering industry.

The main task of the project is the implementation of cappacity planning and scheduling, followed by electronic control of the production processes, according to the IATF 16 949 (ISO/TS). The implementation includes the integration of MES PHARIS on ERP HELIOS. Injection molding machines connection serves for online collection of technological parameters and performance monitoring.

As in many other projects, MES PHARIS production terminals will be installed at the workplaces in order to monitor the work in progress online. The goal is to make the work confirmations more effective, to introduce the paperless production documentation, including the process of changes, training management of operators, automatic downtime management, production performance visualization on large screen TVs directly at the shop floor, introducing the usage of alarm system and other features of the system MES PHARIS.

More info can be found here.

S&T FOCUS 2018

Are you interested in Industry 4.0 and how it reflects the needs of modern manufacturing plants? Are you also curious which role belongs to MES solution there?
Join us at S&T FOCUS 2018. The place, where our local partner, company S&T Consulting Hungary, introduces its whole Industry 4.0 portfolio, including MES PHARIS.

S&T Hungary at Automotive Hungary 2018

S&T Consulting Hungary - MES PHARIS International Partner is currently present at Automotive Hungary 2018 exhibition in Budapest.
With MES PHARIS being a stable part of the portfolio of S&T Consulting Hungary, we UNIS competes in the Hungarian IT market.
MES PHARIS runs in Tisza Automotive for several monts now, thanks to S&T Consulting Hungary!
Come and see our friends from S&T Hungary at the booth 202L, building A.


MES PHARIS will be present at SMAU 2018, the Italian IT fair trade.
We look forward to seeing you in Milano, Italy between October 23rd and 25th 2018.

Click the link below to get more information:

International Engineering Fair Brno 2018

The company UNIS participated in the 60th International Engineering Fair in Brno, which took place from 01st October to 05th October 2018.

The exposition covered all our activities mainly the full range of engineering services related to high-investment equipment (EPC/EPC-M), design and application of process control focus on the petrochemical, oil refining and power generation industries. Production of electronics for aircraft and automotive industry, high-power electronics, manufacturing execution system MES PHARIS®, Test laboratory and IoT.

Thank you for your visit.

MES PHARIS delopyed in Gumotex Automotive facility

UNIS has concluded a project to supply and implement MES PHARIS® to the Ronson Plastics Myjava plant, which is a part of the Gumotex Automotive Group. Ronson Plastics specializes in thermoplastic injection and assembly, especially for the automotive industry.

The main task of the project is standardization, increase of profitability and efficiency of production by ensuring the electronic management of production processes according to
ISO/TS 16949 (IATF) requirements. The implementation includes the integration of MES PHARIS on ERP JDE E1. By default, injection presses will be connected to MES PHARIS to collect data and to monitor performance. To streamline production and comply with customer audit conditions, MES PHARIS usually resolves processes such as effective on-line workflows, deployment of electronic production documentation including change management, operator qualification management, online control and production tracking, alarm system, TPV management, and many more. A standard part of the project is the delivery of modules for visualization of production, user reporting system and KPI assessment.

More info here.

Sellier & Bellot

Effective electronic production control at Sellier & Bellot a.s. in Vlasim, Czech Republic.

After completing the detailed analysis phase, we went smoothly to the PHARIS implementation phase for Sellier & Bellot, a renowned world cartridge manufacturer.

S&B performs critical armament manufacture that is a subject to international standards and strict certifications by many major authorities.
The main task of the PHARIS system is to support the electronic management of production processes with high demands on securing the traceability of mass production of cartridges. Implementation includes integration with the superior ERP MAX and using the PHARIS on-line communication system with CNC machines. The project also focuses on the transparency of the production process, the monitoring of the efficiency of production facilities and operators, the electronic documentation of production documentation, quality integration, production logistics, on-line performance visualization and more. An Alarm system for early warning of non-standard manufacturing situations is applied to individual production areas.

More info here.

MES PHARIS at Industry Days 2018 Budapest

Between May 15th and 18th 2018, MES PHARIS was successfully presented at the Industry Days 2018 in Budapest by our local partner, company S&T Hungary. The system MES PHARIS is already a fixed component of the their company portfolio.

Our friends from company S&T also prepared the demonstration workplace, simulating the behavior of MES PHARIS in the environment of production processes and basic pillars of production, such as cycles, downtimes, production of OK and NOK pieces etc.

Delivery of MES PHARIS to AAH Plastics

Delivery of MES PHARIS to AAH Plastics, Solčany, Slovakia (member of ARCA AUTOMOTIVE HOLDING)

UNIS has concluded a contract for the delivery and implementation of MES PHARIS® to a new production plant of the Slovak company AAH Plastics Solčany. AAH Plastics specializes in plastic injection, mainly for the automotive industry.

The main task of the project is the online management of production processes according to the requirements of ISO / TS (IATF) 16 949 with the integration of quality management requirements. The implementation involves vertically integrating MES PHARIS into ERP QI and communicating with modern ENGEL injection molding machines for online technology acquisition and machine performance tracking. At the same time, MES PHARIS addresses standard automotive manufacturing processes, such as the introduction of electronic manufacturing documentation including change management, operator qualification management, on-line control and tracking of production, alarm system, TPV management and many others. The final stage covers the visualization of the production state on large-format LCD screens directly at the shop floor, which provide an online overview of the production process, the performance rate, the efficiency of the operators and equipment, etc. The KPI standard module integrated within the reporting system, supports user reports management and creation.

More info here.

MES PHARIS at INNOFORM Trade in Poland

MES PHARIS partner for Poland, the STIGO company, is presenting their portfolio including MES PHARIS at the prestigious INNOFORM exhibition in Bydgoscz, Poland. The exhibition takes place between April 24th and 26th 2018 and it attracts both visitors and exhibitors from various kinds of Polish industry including plastic injection molding and metalworking.
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