A group of plug-in modules guaranteeing traceability of production parameters via a unique product code or packaging, optimization of material flow control and digitization of production in the Just-In-Sequence mode.


Customers require manufacturers to provide digital, unbiased monitoring and traceability of production parameters. Production conditions are usually demonstrated in customer audits. At the same time, traceability helps manufacturers maintain a constant - required quality of production. We are able to ensure the traceability of production for a production batch, a packaging unit (KLT boxes, wire baskets, crates) or for each manufactured part - a unique piece identification.

MES PHARIS Production Logistics module provides you with an overview of which goods or semi-finished products are being produced, in what quantities and where they are stored outside of standard stock (pending work orders). It is an interactive plug-in for MES PHARIS, which offers significant added value for material management in SAP or other ERP systems in real time.

In ERP system, raw materials and inventories of finished products are usually posted back as soon as the whole production order is completed. Conversely, MES PHARIS offers significantly higher level of detail in addition to significantly shorter delay times. When using MES PHARIS, you can count the products and semi-finished products produced on any production operation of a production order in progress. Therefore, accurate and up-to-date information on material consumption and manufactured stocks is available online at any time.


  • Product identification (name, code, work order, operation...).
  • Number of products in packing unit.
  • List of operators involved in production of pieces in given packing unit.
  • Name of operator, who was registered as output control during label printing.
  • Name of operator who did the packing.
  • Input materials and semi-products.
  • Time and date of packing.
  • Number of packing unit.
  • Status of packing unit.
  • Info about re-filled units.
  • Info about equipment, where the packing unit was filled.
  • Technological information from machines.


Digitization and traceability of production via packing units

Packing units are: packings, KLT boxes, wire cages, pallets etc...

The system of packaging units is focused on filling packaging and pallet units in production.

Module allows you to check and manipulate units. Records of packaging units in connection with production make it possible to increase traceability of data on a product or semi-finished product.

Packaging units can be filled and processed in multiple operations. MES PHARIS supports merging or splitting of a packaging unit into several packaging units. At the same time, the assumption of ensuring the traceability of packaging units through all production operations that participated in the packaging unit is still maintained.

Unique identification of part/piece

MES PHARIS enables comprehensive provision of traceability up to the level of a specific manufactured part. We do not only solve the traceability of the packaging unit, but also the specific part stored in it. Suppliers in automotive, electrical or armaments industries, for example, are forced to meet this requirement. In automotive, these are mainly safety parts, elements of the fuel system, selected interior parts and more.

For unique identification of parts in projects, we use a barcode, QR code or it is possible to use the connection to the laser ID burning.


Production logistics module provides control of prescribed order of manufactured pieces, according to the JIS (Just-In-Sequence) system.

This can be a key area that the customer can request from the manufacturer and is a necessary condition for obtaining a new project.

Just-In-Sequence principle in MES PHARIS

Products are manufactured and filled into a container in the order in which pieces are delivered to the customer according to the J-I-S principle. There are different types of products in one container. Each type of product is represented by its own technological process. The MES PHARIS system within the JIS module checks the loading of the correct product in the prescribed sequence. Another control is product quality control. If the checks are not performed correctly, further processing of the product is blocked. To solve blocked production, it is possible to use the call of the quality manager from the production terminal, who has the right to unblock production. The process is completed by printing a container label.

KANBAN - Advanced material requirements management system in production

KANBAN electronic system is used to manage material requirements in production. System ensures the creation of material requirements according to the current and future needs of production equipment, it also ensures the removal of required materials from the warehouse and their delivery to the target production equipment. In addition to the transport of materials, the system also processes the removal of materials (finished products and waste) from the production facility. Ssystem checks the correctness of delivery and collection of the required materials.

Requirements flowing to production are usually created at assembly workplaces and control the production of production units. Requests directed to the warehouse are usually created for purchased raw materials or semi-finished products in the warehouses. Handling requirements are used to transport material (input components) to a production unit or to remove material (products or waste) from a production unit.

Tablets with wireless readers are popular devices for forklift operators, where system offers simple and clear user environment.


We will be happy to help you with process digitization and production management in accordance with IATF 16 949. You will get an online overview of work in progress, modern paperless production, precise documents for customer audits, traceability, all in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0. This competitive advantage will also help you to acquire new projects. Get rid of the chaos in the records, the stress of audits and use a professional and long-term proven solution.


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