The alarm system is mainly used for immediate automatic notification of a problem or deviation in the production process.


For effective production management with an emphasis on maintaining the maximum level of profitability, MES PHARIS includes the Alarm System module. This module prevents the occurrence of undesirable situations in production, such as production with too high a scrap rate, production slowdown, non-compliance with quality, or. non-compliance with standards. At the same time, the task of this module is to reduce unproductive times in production, with the support of the SMED (Rapid Change Program) method.
The alarm system provides tools for online monitoring of critical parameters and their evaluation in order to trigger a possible alarm. The aim of the system is to notify staff in a timely manner of the alarm condition and to record feedback.

MES PHARIS allows the user to define alarm conditions that determine what values and within what limits should trigger the alarm. At the same time, it is possible to define the recipient and the method of notification of the alarm (SMS, pager, email, visualization screen, beacon, siren, etc.).


Benefits of the module ALARMS

The alarm system contributes to:
  • Reduction of non-productive times with the support of SMED, increase of OEE - Efficiency of production equipment,
  • reduction of scrap,
  • ensuring compliance with technological discipline,
  • ensuring the fulfillment of control plans,
  • minimizing the difference between planned and actual production time,
  • optimal allocation of human resources at individual workplaces,
  • optimization of professions within shifts,
  • and more.

Selected alarmed events

Typically monitored events:
  • Critical parameter out of defined limits. In each cycle (or interval), MES PHARIS monitors the values of selected technological parameters (eg dimensions, weight, temperature, pressure, cushion size) and compares whether the values are within the specified tolerance,
  • loading of wrong input material,
  • machine cycle out of defined boundaries,
  • slip in production - warning of the growing difference between the standardized cycle value and the actual cycle value (+/-),
  • malfunction of equipment, machine,
  • downtime of equipment,
  • the approaching end of the production operation at the given workplace,
  • several consecutive non-conformities,
  • the usual setting time has been exceeded,
  • login of personal to deflection,
  • MTTR exceeded (mean time of repair),
  • and more.

Calling professions to the workplace and notices from production

Notices are primarily intended for recipients in the production hall. The notification is usually implemented using a large screen, e-mail, pager or SMS.

Manual notices - we usually use for calling professions:
  • calling operator,
  • calling handler,
  • calling setter,
  • calling control,
Automatic notices - run on predefined conditions:
  • slip during adjustment,
  • impending tool change,
  • growth of production slippage,
  • and more.

Escalation system

An escalation system can be connected to alarms and notices. In the event that the alarm / notice is not acknowledged by a person, the system automatically transmits the alarm to the superior, which is defined in the escalation process.

MES PHARIS allows the definition of time intervals for escalation rules.


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