Management of assembly

MES PHARIS® offers a support for Manufacturing process control on assembly lines and workplaces using on-line communication with assembly lines. The systems primarily captures the processes from the perspective of automotive standards, mainly the IATF 16 949 (before ISO/TS).

Besides the standard functionalities (such as a work statement, table of records of downtime, support of production documentation in electronic form, collection of process parameters using the on-line mutual communication with ERP systems) the MES system covers Manufacturing process control of assembly lines and workplaces.

Manufacturing process control of assembly and monitoring of the assembly workplaces cover the following areas:  

Dynamic change of manufacturing operations

The critical point of the area of Management of manufacturing operations is the ensuring of the automatic change of manufacturing operation. MES PHARIS® offers a support to the intelligent recognition of the transition of production. It also automatically selects the operation based on the actual device and the automatically loaded product.  

Automatic machine control

MES PHARIS® is able to choose the set of approved control parameters (program) from the central storage of programs based on the automatically loaded piece, then is the set uploaded to the control system of the machine. This mechanism ensures the central control management of approved programs. To get more information see the area "Central Control Program Management".  

Checking of the inputs for assembly line

  • Validation of correctness - the system checks the using of correct input components, respectively raw materials,
  • periodic monitoring of the loading the components,
  • the possibility of using the escalation process in the case of detection of error with the possibility of automatic stop of line.

Effective works statement and on-line reporting

Each assembling workplace is equipped with a production terminal for the work statement directly from the production location. The operator confirms the pieces that are automatically counted by the system and then are automatically on-line transferred to the ERP system.

This method of reporting provides the following possibilities:
  • On-line transfer of work statements to the ERP system,
  • change in production causes the automatic work statement, which has to be confirmed by operator,
  • user confirms the work according to the counted cycles,
  • using the code list of nonconformities for a particular product,
  • tying the identified nonconformities with the area of "Alarms and Escalation System",
  • eliminating of the manual reporting including the errors.

Package label printing

MES PHARIS® offers a fully-fledged support for solving the package label printing and their identification. It also offers the use of central printers or printers located directly at the production terminals. Package label printing can be induced directly from the screen of production terminal where are available the necessary all information for the label.

The system also provides a support for the introduction of unique part identification.

For this purpose is usually used a BarCode. An integral part from the point of view of MES PHARIS® functionalities is a security of the table of records of pieces under the packing units including the work with them, such as is a repackaging etc. More information is in the area of "Packing units"  

Operative monitoring of changes in production

The system solves the continuity of the manufacturing operations. To optimize the operation of the assembly line the system offers in the case of changing to another products the possibility of predictive behavior on the following operations. A timely notification about the change of product is the impulse for timely start of production preparation on the following workplaces.

The purpose of MES PHARIS® is to provide an information from the PLC systems for signalizing the changes at particular workplaces of assembly lines.  

Connection to the assembly lines

MES PHARIS® includes a set of communication drivers for connecting the assembly lines. The basic information of tact (cycle) may be complemented by the possibility of downloading, storing and alarming of the process technological parameters such as temperature, pressure, etc. The usual methods of connection of MES PHARIS® to assembly line is using the OPC or digital input cards. More about the connection possibilities is in the area of "Data Collection.  

Openness for implementation of PICK-TO-LIGHT

Thanks to the on-line availability of the necessary information for assembly workplaces is MES opened for connection to PICK-TO-LIGHT system.  

KPI for evaluation of assembly lines

  • Monitoring the activity of the workplace,
  • genealogy of pieces/products,
  • continuity of assembly line

Support of paperless production

The support of paperless production has a use the providing of actual production documentation in electronic form which is available on the production terminals. This functionality is mainly used in the case of displaying the instruction cards and scrap lists. Wider support of paperless production is mentioned in the area of "Manufacturing Process Control, Work Statements".
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