Production Visualization

  This module of MES PHARIS® is used for fast and clear overview on the production. Using the graphical form displays actual stat of work in progress.


Usual information in use on MES PHARIS® visualization screens

  • Work in progress - sale order, work orders, manufacturing operation, plan, number of produced units, number of non-conformities, production delay,
  • time to the end of manufacturing operation - notification to initiate of preparatory work on the next manufacturing operation,
  • displaying of the call - for instance a visualization of profession at the workplace (handlers, setters, check, operator,...). More about the notification see "Alarm and escalation system"
  • overview of machine state - production, downtime, failure, ...,
  • information about the used tool,
  • registred operator to the production,
  • overview on the technological parameters from the machines - cycle, temperature, pressure, size of injection cushion,...,
  • information table, distribution list of users - more information see in the area "Manufacturing Process Control, Work Statement",
  • KPI - key performance indicator - more information see "KPI- Key Performance Indicator, Reports",
  • etc.


Access to the visualization

  • From MES PHARIS® Main client located at the office or on PDA on Windows Mobile platform. This option allows a switching between predefined screens using the bookmarks,
  • large screens placed on the shop floor, assembly workshops, at supervisor office and so on.


Production Visualization has the following characteristics

  • A possibility for the user to define a custom visualization screens. Customer has an option to create or edit the visualization screen without the supplier help,
  • a possibility of creation any number of types of screens,
  • displaying and selecting the type of predefined screen in relation to the location of large screens,
  • selecting of the screen types according the profesion - possibility to define different screen for technologists, supervisors, handlers, etc.,
  • acces to visualization via a thin client - including the remotely access without installing a client application,
  • automatical renewal of values on screens in seconds.
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