Monitoring of Work in Progress

On-line overview of work in progress in ERP as well, current status of compliance

Utilization of production terminals for registration of setters and operators to manufacturing operations leads to more transparent of completion sale orders. These information are clearly available in MES PHARIS® and sent to ERP system too.

When using the imported standards from the Production definition MES PHARIS® is able to predictively display an information about the current state of performance including the possible graphical presentation of slip in production. For alerting of the slip in the production can be used the "Alarm system".

List of logged operators, continuity to the visualization

Before the initiation of manufacturing operation the system requires from setter/operator his registration by Bar Code or RFID card.

This process helps with creating an overview on actual allocated users to the workplace/technology. Detailed overview with optional attributes can be displayed in MES PHARIS® or on the visualization screens.

As part of the system are "Information tables" sometimes known as "Distribution list" which display the allocation of users on each workplaces within the shift. More about this topic see "Work statement".

Clarification of the planning

Detailed overview of work in progress and of actual work statements are in many cases a necessary background information for module of Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling. Taking into account the actual state of work in progress it leads to accurate of production plan.

Prediction of completion, preparation work for next manufacturing operation

The system is able to calculate the supposed time of the end of manufacturing operation according to the actual state of production. It is possible to set a warning for people (handler, setter …) about the nearing end of the sale order on each workplace. These users can begin with the preparation work of following manufacturing operation timely which usually results in reduced downtime (unproductive time).
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