Management of Maintenance

MES PHARIS® has a separate module of Management of Maintenance. It is a comprehensive integrated and interdependent set of features for Management of Maintenance of machines and tools. Simultaneously this module is integrated with requirements of the Quality Management according to the IATF 16 949 (before ISO/TS).

Management of Maintenance in MES PHARIS® offers the following benefits:
  • Ensuring of the Management of Maintenance according to automotive standards,
  • getting an oversight over the compliance of maintenance process,
  • using the connection to the machine for automatic collection of cycle, operating hour - eliminating of manual data entry for the purpose of maintenance,
  • a possibility of creating a relationship between the maintenance requirements and actual parameters from the machine,
  • automatic creation of maintenance requirements under the defined conditions,
  • obtaining of the genealogy of the maintenance and repair of the machine, tools and workplaces for the customer audit,
  • the possibility of interlinking the maintenance with Tool Management - more information in "Tool Management".
The main aim of this module is to obtain the complex Management of Maintenance from the effective maintenance planning, automatic induction of maintenance request, ensuring the oversight of performing the maintenance up to the registration and evaluation. Generally the Maintenance module records the reasons for maintenance, recording what was done including cost and related resources.
Maintenance module is primarily used for:
  • Management of the Electronic diary of production equipment, tools and workplaces,
  • maintenance planning, calibration and setting,
  • the possibility of integrating the check plans,
  • an automatic evaluation of the emergence of maintenance request for individual equipment and workplaces,
  • monitoring of the maintenance process of a particular equipment and workplace,
  • automatic monitoring of planned requirements, including automated notification of operators (predefined users or user groups), see more in Alarms and Escalation System.,
  • operative inspection of the repairs history of a particular equipment,
  • evaluation of maintenance, reporting.

Lisovny plastů - schema
Conditions for the establishment and termination of the maintenance can be based on:
  • On-line values of machine data tag - the number of cycles, operating hours, temperature,...,
  • time conditions, including the periodicity,
  • an arithmetic-logical expression including variables in the form of data tag of the machine, etc.

For a partial operations within a maintenance request can be defined and managed the following items:
  • Job cards,
  • working sheets,
  • work flows.

Standardly is used the MES PHARIS® production terminal or the mobile terminal (production mini client), which operator has available during execution of the service work, and by using it can look in to the repairs history and related documents - manuals, service sheets, calibration sheets, technical sheets, photo documentation of the equipment, diagram of connection etc.

For each equipment can be defined and added a list of necessary spare parts for possible replacement. This functionality is used to reserve the spare parts at the store and in case of shortage of spare parts automatically alerts selected users or group of users.
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