Data Collection

MES PHARIS® contains a standard set of communication drivers for two-way communication with machines, assembly line and a wide range of peripheral devices.

Communication with machines is mostly use for the following areas:

Collection of technological parameters/production data

The uncompromising requirements for the collection of technological parameters from the machines during the manufacturing come mainly from the side of automotive manufacturers and their direct subcontractors such as the customer Robert Bosch. Historicized parameters play a key role especially in the area of production of safety parts where is extreme emphasis on the quality and traceability condition of the production. In these days is common requirement to demonstrate not just the quality of manufactured parts but also present all parameters under which this product /semi-finished product has been manufactured.

Among the typical parameters belongs: (temperature, pressure, duration of plastification, size of injection cushion, cycle time,...).

Cycles collection - linking to Work statement, Preventive Maintenance, Alarms

The most important signal is cycle/automatic cycle. This signal is especially used for the case of ensuring an effective manufacturing process control.

The signal of cycle can be used for:
  • Online automatic work statement,
  • automatic evidence of production/setting pieces,
  • Tool Management,
  • predictive maintenance of tools and production equipment,
  • alarms,
  • standardization and validation of normalized time added in production definition,
  • evaluation of equipment occupancy,
  • automatic generating of spaces,
  • etc.

Collection of machine status

Among the many production equipment can be automatically downloaded the machine status such as a setting, automatic cycle, failure, machine is running/not running. These signals can be linked to the statuses to which the equipment is automatically switched based on the incoming signal without the need of manual entering the machine status.

Central uploading of control programs or eventually a setting parameters into/from machine.

Manufacturing Execution System PHARIS® fulfills the administrator role of central control programs/ settings that is possible remotely record into the machine memory. More about this topic see "Central Control Program Management".

Downloading the protocol of changes

In the case of changing the setting parameters some machines are automatically generating protocols so-called protocols of changes. These protocols can be online transferred into MES PHARIS®, where are centrally archived, and there is possibility to find the exact setting change of the machine.

Downloading the measured values from control stations and peripherals

Under the communication with MES PHARIS® is also possible downloading the measured values from the control stations, scales, peripherals such as dryers, tempering equipment, etc.

Possibilities of use of technological parameters in MES PHARIS®

Historical Data Maintenance / history of technological values

The downloaded technological parameters are archived in the technological database of manufacturing execution system. MES PHARIS® is optimized and supports a modern trends in the field of historical data maintenance. Standard practice of historization of parameters is for more than 15 years, which is required for instance in the production of safety product.

MES system contains a set of tools for working with this database and provides easy access to this data.


This module provides a comfortable overview on the historical development of technological values through the graph. The system supports an user definition of random number of diagrams with selected parameters. This component allows to show current parameters in "real time" mode. Trends are an appropriate tool to analyze the manufacturing process that are used by technologists very often.


The technological parameters can be shown on the visualization screens that are designed for quick and clear overview on the production. More about this topic see "Production Visualization".

Support for production terminals, interconnection with the Manufacturing process control

Collection of technological parameters and cycles have a direct impact on the efficiency of the Manufacturing process control. Actual parameters are linked to the functionalities of production terminals in the relation to work statements or presentation of current process parameters of the device.

Manufacturing process control and compliance of the Check plan

By using the Check plan is possible to enhance the definition of the Technological production preparation in MES PHARIS®.

The final effect is the integration of control processes and mechanisms into the Manufacturing process control. During the use of on-line communication with control station MES PHARIS® offers strong support for complex manufacturing process control according to IATF 16 949 (before ISO/TS).

Production terminal alerts the operator to conduct control step such do a measurement, do an exchange of tools, do a clean of dividing plane, etc.

Supported communication methods by the types of equipment


Injection molding machines and peripherals

System PHARIS® contains a wide range of the communication drivers for connecting a wide range of injection molding machines. These are for example: Arburg, Engel, Demag, Battenfeld, KraussMaffei or even brands such as Ferromatik, Negri Bossi, Haitian, etc.

Examples of applied communication:
  • Euromap 63, Euromap 77, VE 437, OPC UA,
  • PrinterPort – LPT, USB, RS,
  • connection via the machine control system signals,
  • retrofitting by sensors,
  • connection via existing control system of the machine,
  • etc.
From the perspective of peripherals is possible connect with MES PHARIS® dryers, scales, terms, gauges, etc.

UNIS, Inc. is able to offer a solution for connecting injection molding machines without a need of costly retrofitting of the communication interface.!

CNC machines – grinders, milling machines, cutter, wire cutter …

The direct connection of the manufacturing execution system with CNC machines depends on the type of communication which is supported by each equipment.

Usually CNC machines are connected to MES PHARIS® via:
  • Connection via existing control system of the machine (Heidenhain, Sinumerik...),
  • MTConnect,
  • OPC UA, Euromap 77,
  • retrofitting by local PLC
  • retrofitting by sensors,
  • using m-functions,
  • serial communication,
  • etc.

Control stations – digital scales and gauges

The direct connection of control stations with MES PHARIS® is usually covered by serial or USB communication, analog cards, proprietary protocols of the machine manufacturers, etc.

Assembly lines

Two-way communication is usually undertaken through OPC interface, respectively at the level of binary comunication. In the projects we realized the connection for instance with Simatic, Allen Bradley and etc.

The method of the communication with the machines is always suggested in regard to the economic return on investment in retrofitting. In the case of expensive retrofitting we choose an alternative economical method of connection according to the specific technology type.
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