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We develop Manufacturing Execution System MES PHARIS, the best-selling MES system in the Czech Republic. Our customers are big players such as Robert Bosch, Continental Automotive, KOH-I-NOOR Machinery, THK Rhythm Automotive, Gumotex, Sellier & Bellot and others. We are expanding abroad and we look for new colleagues.
We are a team of developers, analysts, integrators, customer support and salesmen. In any position, you can grow and you will also have a unique chance to look behind the scenes of the best high-tech manufacturing companies.
We are looking for people who can boost our team both professionally and personally. We offer a friendly atmosphere, family-like attitude and space to grow. Join us and make meaningful IT with us. We help manufacturing companies streamline their production and improve their products!
We are professionals. We keep our promises and we get the job done.
We are proactive. We do not wait for perfect script. We think it through and we bring our own ideas to life.
We focus on the customer. Their needs are our daily inspiration.
We are open. We like new ideas and fresh solution. Everyone's voice matters.
We have a clear vision. We want to improve and expand our product every day.


Chief analyst
I enjoy analyzing new ideas that expand and move MES PHARIS forward while meeting visions, trends, norms and standards in digitization industry. I like to pass on experience and knowledge to team members and implementation partners. Perfect documentation and training are key to the success of any larger system. Therefore, I will make sure that everybody gets exactly the information they need in our ACADEMY PHARIS. Process models, UML diagrams and visualizations are crucial in modern analysis, design and documentation.
Every business is a unique organism, so it is rare for our work to become routine. As a tester, I go through every functionality of the system in detail, and I also encounter various types of production equipment or their simulators. My task is to ensure that everything works together and hand over a verified product to the customer.
Developer, SCRUM master
Being part of the team that you like to return to every morning is probably one of the best aspects ever. Perceiving work as a place where one feels good, where you have the opportunity to improve in areas of interest, where you can bring new ideas and at the same time have side by side colleagues who are willing to advise and help with anything is a big plus in working life! I found all this in Unis, during the development of MES PHARIS.
Head of Sales and Marketing MES PHARIS
It is unbelievable that I still haven’t encountered a stereotype after 12 years of practice. My driving force is the positive feedback from our clients who say that MES PHARIS gives them much-needed data for effective management. Helping reputable manufacturers with the digitization of operations is a challenge for me.
MES PHARIS Team Manager
I am happy to see that everything we are working on has a huge meaning and added value for all our customers. As a team, we have gone through the development of the entire product and I am proud of what we have accomplished. I just enjoy working with a great team and being able to watch how our own product helps with digital business transformation in production companies.
Helpdesk is a gateway to our company for our customers. I am happy to help our customers to solve their issues. I have opportunity to overview which processes run at our customers, how they contribute to effective production and what is needed to ensure that products are produced on time and in the required quality. I make sure that the system runs for every customer like a Swiss watch.
Technical writer
Documentation is my mission. I don't like chaos and I enjoy putting things in order. I believe that - with our technical documentation – working with MES PHARIS is for each of our customers a piece of cake!
Head of Testing Department
I enjoy solving problems. I am always positively surprised by what MES PHARIS allows. How well you can combine different functionalities to achieve the desired state. Satisfied customers and users are my goal. And MES PHARIS is a great platform for me.


From a technological point of view, MES PHARIS is a complex information system, which consists of a server part (back-end), a main web client (front-end) and production terminals located at machines in production.
The back-end of the application is written in .NET framework , for the front-end thin client we use ASP.NET and Angular technologies. The production terminal is based on WPF technology.
We are Microsoft Gold Partner, so most of the system is based on MS technologies. But we also have separate parts that run on Linux and use container technology, and we are preparing some modules for operation in the cloud.
We work in an agile SCRUM, which we have slightly customized to our needs. We use MS DevOps server for user-stories, tasks, issues and documentation and we have all source codes in Git repositories.


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Tomáš Hradský MES PHARIS team manager

Tomáš Hradský

MES PHARIS team manager
+420 720 948 673