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PHARIS® is a modular manufacturing execution system (MES).

It is a full-featured manufacturing execution system for Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling, Manufacturing process control, Maintenance control, Production Logistics, Kanban, including the Data Collection from the machines. MES PHARIS® is covering the manufacturing needs as from the moment of issuing work order, through the work confirmation up to the product release and warehousing. System also covers continuous monitoring and manufacturing control in real-time, Data Collection from technological equipments (injection moldign machines, CNC machines, assembly lines, milling machines, grinders, peripherals - dryers, terms, control stations,...) and long-term storage of all the associated information. Subsequently it provides tools to analyze the production in order to increase the production efficiency and thus the profitability of manufacturing companies.

MES PHARIS<sup>®</sup> v praxi



MES PHARIS® by area

MES PHARIS<sup>®</sup> v praxi


MES PHARIS® by type of clients

Main client

MES PHARIS<sup>®</sup> v praxi
  • An "office" web application (with an access from any location in the network, respectively VPN),
  • designed for managers, technologists, foremen, workers,
  • the main client offers a full access into MES PHARIS® .


Production client

MES PHARIS<sup>®</sup> v praxi
  • Designed for operators located directly in the workplace (operator, setter, control worker, handler,...),
  • touchscreen usually with RFID or BarCode reader,
  • simple to operate, PC skills are not necessary,
  • a detailed overview of the possibilities in the area of "Manufacturing process control, Work confirmation".

Visualization client

MES PHARIS v praxi
  • Used on large screens or directly on the main client,
  • it serves for a quick view of the actual state of the production,
  • detailed overview of the possibilities is mentioned in the area of "Production Visualization".

Production mini client

MES PHARIS v praxi
  • Designed for mobile devices running on Windows Mobile (PDA, Motorolla),
  • usually integrated a RFID or BarCode reader,
  • possibility of using specific aplications:


MES PHARIS® by industry

MES PHARIS® is designed especially for use in manufacturing companies. The vast majority of users are significant Automotive industry producers. MES PHARIS® also supports the management processes according to IATF 16 949 (before ISO/TS).

MES PHARIS® and its applications is currently located in the following industries:
  • Injection molding, blow molding, plasti molding, plastic parts,
  • rubber manufacturing,
  • assembling and assembly lines,
  • small series production, serial production of metalworking,
  • stamping,
  • automotive,
  • manufacturing of furniture,
  • etc.

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